Varlowe Industrial Services have teamed up with BJH Civils to sponsor Faye Blount, better known as The Grenade, who is an extremely talented Martial Arts fighter from Wolverhampton.

Faye’s been training kickboxing for 2 years this October, which she has taken to it like a duck to water and puts every effort into every lesson. In the first 3 months she travelled to France to take part in championships and since then has gone from strength to strength. Entering competitions across the country, she has won two Southern area title belts, two English titles, over ten trophies and medals, but most importantly, always leaving the ring with valuable lessons to take into the next bout.

To keep on top of her game, Faye trains 5/6 days per week, honing her skills and learning different practices of fighting styles. She started training just kickboxing, but now also trains k1, boxing and Muay Thai, with each style having its own disciplines which helps in and out the ring. Being well versed in multiple arts enables Faye to dominate the competition, continually adding to her already impressive achievements.

As part of our local sponsorship program, Varlowe and BJH are proud to be apart of Faye’s journey. We will keep you updated on Faye’s progress here, but you can also check out The Grenades Facebook page here.

As always, we wish Faye the best of luck in each venture of her career.