Project Description

Project Description

From their Derby Hq, Rolls Royce identified the need for an additional Gas connection off their existing Mdpe Gas Main. This needed to be done without cutting the main gas feed to their buildings, so we used a process what we call, a “Rider”.

Our Gas Safe engineers start off by making two small fusion weld connections on the mdpe pipe, before and after the area where the new T section will be installed. A temporary pipe is fitted to these new connections to act as a bypass while the gas main is then clamped. The clamp restricts the gas flow through the mdpe pipe which enables us to then cut the pipe to install the new T section creating the new gas terminal.

Using this process, we are able to install a new section to a live Gas main, without cutting or disrupting the gas flow to the buildings.


Project Details


Additional MDPE Gas Connection

Services Required:

Design, Delivery, Installation, Fusion Welding, Project Management


Rolls Royce