Project Description

Project Description

G’s Growers Littleport Mushrooms LLP 2.5 megawatt anaerobic digestion plant provides renewable energy from using organic waste from the companies crops. Alkane Energy identified that the biogas that feeds the CHP (Combined Heat and Power Unit) was producing more condensate than the current catch pot could cope with. There existing pipe run of 8″ stainless needed to accommodate a large enough catch pot to deal with the volume of condensate from the gas.

After a site visit to gather the information we needed, we were able to pre-fabricate a new catch pot completely off-site to avoid disruption. Once fabrication had been completed and tested, we delivered and installed the new catch pot onto their existing pipework. With the new catch pot installed and tested, they are now able to accommodate the volume of condensate produced.

For more information on the original project installed by Alkane Energy, click here for their case study.


Project Details


Condensate Catch Pot Fabrication

Services Required:

Design, Manufacture, Delivery, Installation, Project Management


Alkane Energy