Various jobs using different types of welding techniques including MIG, TIG, MMA and Fusion welding. We have Class 1 Coded welders specialising in different welding positions.

NDT Explained

Non-Destructive Testing explained Non-Destructive testing (NDT for short) is a way of testing and evaluating welds without destroying the component. Using a variety of testing methods, we are able to determine the physical properties of the materials such as strength and toughness, resistance, discontinuities and differences in material characteristics. Dye Penetrant Inspection Also called Liquid [...]

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What is the meaning of “Coded Welder”

What Is Coded Welding?   To put it simply, a coded welder is someone who has completed a Welder Approval Test in a specific welding configuration. Each method is specific to a certain job in hand, some codes are more general and some are very specific. In the UK, the welder approval codes [...]

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