Project Description

Varlowe was contracted by Cargill Meats Europe- Sun Valley, to design and build a platform to enable maintenance access to the refrigeration plants condenser towers situated 10 to 14 metres above the ground. The maintenance tasks require access to each tower’s entire perimeter and previously this was achieved from a walkway around the whole tower built from a scaffold. The height of the platform meant that this was considered high risk to personnel and during winter months, adverse weather made maintenance impossible.

The new platform from Varlowe reduced the safety issues, use of scaffolding on site, yearly costs and provides a permanent access gantry around the condensers with safety handrails / barriers and purpose built stairways.

Thank you to Varlowe Industrial Services who were a credit to themselves whilst they were installing this gantry in a very awkward area of the roof.

Paul Smith - Health and Safety, Cargill Meats - Sun Valley