Electrical equipment/devices tend to heat up before they evidently fail. Using a special infrared camera, thermal imaging is able to detect these heat irregularities. Utilising the latest technology, this non-contact method is an extremely accurate and safe way of picking up heat traces. Using this method, we are able to detect these hot spots, locating the problem quickly and efficiently. This also enables us to test electrical components in a live environment. Which in turn, helps us address the situation, plan and then provide a solution before they fail. This minimises any downtime to your workplace. After the Thermography tests are completed, a full, bespoke thermal imaging report is made up to visually show any potential threats. A digital and copy of the report is made available for your records.

Benefits include:

  • Quick, reliable and efficient service
  • Reduced outages and shutdown time from failures
  • Detecting Overloads, unbalanced loads, defective equipment and deteriorated connections
  • Risk preventions, safety increase
  • Prolonging equipment life
  • Heightened System performance
  • Improves insurability
  • Visual reports to help plan solutions

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